PC and periphral cable
   Interior wiring harness
   Video / Audio cable

   Complex and Multi-way series

   Telecom and Networking cable

   Automotive cable/harness
   Waterproof cable
   Medical cable



Introduction | Photo  

Yu Jey waterproof cable head from deep-sea sealing edge technology. 
The scope of application of cables are IP68-5Bar of a gas-tight water-proof function. 

Professional materials:nylon, copper, stainless steel, zinc. 
Regulatory teeth: in line with a variety of regulatory teeth Metric, PG, G (PF), NPT teeth. 
Full range of styles: standard, mini, a huge, narrow, right-angle, and twist-resistant type, such as EMC will have a choice. 
Round design: sophisticated ring fixed at the same time be able to win all kinds of cables 

Applicable to a wide range from the M6 to the M90 connector can be widely applied to wire diameter 1mm to 77mm. 
Refined products: the development of mold to the highest levels of equipment from refined, exquisitely perfect product. 
• Circular cable
• M series cable
• D-SUB cable
• RJ45 cable
• USB cable



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