PC and periphral cable
   Interior wiring harness
   Video / Audio cable

   Complex and Multi-way series

   Telecom and Networking cable

   Automotive cable/harness
   Waterproof cable
   Medical cable



1.Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
- We signed Non Disclosed Agreement with customer.
- Our Parts & Assembly are fully built and compliance to customer drawings and specification, any deviation will be approved by customer before proceed.
- We will continuously identify and improve our service performance so as to achieve total customer satisfaction. 

2.Quality & Training
- We will strive to build quality into our products and services. Our QA adopt & uses C=0 criteria to reduce the chance of delivering non-conforming parts.
- We will provide adequate training for all personnel to accomplish this objective

3. Compliance with Environmental Obligations.
- We used RoHS compliance material only
- We ensure process compliance to RoHS

Yu Jey is certified and obtained the following Quality Standard Certifications

QC Work Station

IPQC Inspection Criteria's

Notify Line Supervisor
Hold Production
Re-adjust Machine
Re-conduct FAI
Segregate the Lot
Determine root cause

 Wire Assemblies Fully Tested by Certified operators using Electrical Tester

Capable of testing
2.Detect Intermittent
3.Dielectric & Resistance

Electrical Cable Harness Tester

Our Monthly Performance Results is on Display with Action Plan

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