PC and periphral cable
   Interior wiring harness
   Video / Audio cable

   Complex and Multi-way series

   Telecom and Networking cable

   Automotive cable/harness
   Waterproof cable
   Medical cable



Taiwan office:

 Address: No 81, lane 1, Zhong xiao st, Zhong He dist, Hsin bei city, Taiwan

 Attn: Alex Wu

 Phone: +886- 2-9441553 / 2-9418146

 Mobile phone: +886-975-395568 / +86-1351-009 2442


   Overseas :

   Engineering support :

   Domestic ( Taiwan and China ) :  

     Phone: +886-935360923

 China factory

 Address: No 6, 1st rd Xin-He, Xin-Xing Industrial Area, Shi Tan Bu,

 Tang Xia Town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China

 Attn: Eric Chen


 Phone: +86-769-87915555



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