PC and periphral cable
   Interior wiring harness
   Video / Audio cable

   Complex and Multi-way series

   Telecom and Networking cable

   Automotive cable/harness
   Waterproof cable
   Medical cable



Dongguan Yu JEY, an ISO 9001 registered company, is an independent

manufacturer of Wire Assemblynd Cable Harnesses. The factory and office

are located at Hsin Hsing Industrial Area, Shin Tang Bu,Dongguan,Tang Xia

Town, Guangdong 523717, China.


We works with small and large OEM manufacturers in Automotive &

Industrial equipments, Audio & Video equipments, Consumer Electronics,

Computer & Telecom system. Our engineering experience lead us to

manufacture from simple 2 circuit wires to very complex Customized Cable

& Wire Harnesses.


Since our incorporation in 1998, we have been providing fully-tested quality

products with value-added services and on-time delivery. Advance tools and

manufacturing processes and effective labor resources has enabled to

produce competitive pricing and high quality solution.


1.October 1998 : Dongguang plant established

2.September 1999: factory expansion and moved to Tanxia Shitenbu

    industrial area

3.January 2001: YJ HK registered

4.February 2002: ISO 9001 2000 certified

5.April 2003: UL and safety certified

6.October 2007: IECQ QC080000 certified

7.May 2012: merged KHL Dongshan FuJian plant


  • Winning customers' Faith by Fulfilling Their Needs and requirement.

  • Innovation In Upgrading Our Technology to Meet Market Demand

  • Looking for Opportunity In Enhancing Employees Skill and Knowledge through Continuous Training

  • Ensure Products Manufactured Are Global Friendly

  • Yearning/Desire to be at The Top Of the Manufacturing Industrial World

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