PC and periphral cable
   Interior wiring harness
   Video / Audio cable

   Complex and Multi-way series

   Telecom and Networking cable

   Automotive cable/harness
   Waterproof cable
   Medical cable



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 Yu Jey work from your drawings or work with you to design automotive wiring harnesses that take full advantage of the wide variety of alternative energy sources, from flexible fuel, natural gas and LPG powered vehicles to hybrid electric and plug-in cars.
With manufacturing facilities in Asia, including an ISO/TS 16949-certified (Q4 2014) assembly plant in China, we can build and ship harnesses wherever and however it best meets your needs. And we can manufacture and store components or entire assemblies in any quantity, maintaining first-item quality while processing new orders at significantly reduced lead times. 
Back mirror
Ignition wire
Video system
Door gear



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